Maker statement

My sculptures are inspired by the shapes, textures and colours of both urban and rural landscapes. As a result they often reference ornithology and the human figure; their intriguing forms inviting the viewer to touch and find their own interpretation or meaning.
Although informed by the works of many, including Noguchi, Moore and Arp, my work is very much technique-led, and is the outcome of the interaction between myself and the processes and materials I am working with.
Biomorphic and sculptural forms have evolved from play with flexible materials and containers such as balloons. They are the result of the actions I perform on materials, such as filling, stretching and twisting. The forms are continually evolving and every new maquette is an experiment: I am never entirely sure of how the final form will look or in what direction it may take my work. I enjoy each stage of the making process, but mould-making and casting allow me the flexibility to work in a range of very different materials, including clay, metal, cement, plaster and jesmonite.
My sculptures are currently available as stand-alone forms, boxed collections and boxed sculptures with printed backgrounds.